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Sharing Your Faith With Others

As Christians, we are called to share our faith with others. Sharing the Gospel can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. With the right approach and attitude, you can open up conversations about your faith in a way that invites people in and makes them feel comfortable.

Before you enter into any kind of conversation about your faith, it’s important to pray and ask God for guidance. Pray for wisdom and discernment during the conversation. Pray for patience, humility, and kindness as you talk about your faith with someone else. And pray for God’s will to be done through this conversation—that He would use it to draw people closer to Him.

When you begin sharing your faith with another person, start by sharing your own story—how you first came to know Jesus as Lord and Savior. This provides a non-threatening way for someone else to get comfortable talking about their own beliefs or lack thereof. Your story also helps set the precedent that this conversation is not meant to put anyone down or make them feel judged; rather, it's an opportunity for both of you to understand each other better and learn from one another.

As you continue talking about your faith with someone else, be sure not to come across as arrogant or self-righteous in any way—this will only serve as a deterrent in furthering the conversation. Instead of coming across as superior, try being open and humble in whatever questions they may have regarding Christianity or your own experience with it. Being open-minded allows people to feel safe exploring uncharted territory without fear of ridicule or judgment from either party involved.

Sharing your faith is a wonderful thing! You never know how God will use even one conversation between two people to bring someone closer into His kingdom. By praying beforehand for wisdom and discernment, sharing your story openly and humbly engaging with others in conversation about faith topics, we can all do our part in helping spread the Good News of Jesus Christ!

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